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Empty Dreams, Displayed: Fireworks

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


For a change the reason I haven't been blogging much is because I have actually been busy.  Last week Chris and I popped into our new SU bar (with me in my wheelchair).  We only stayed for one drink but at least we got out of the house - and I got chatted up by a very drunk/stoned guy.  It was there that my camera decided to completely die on me even with the new batteries I'd put in it that morning.

So I've treated myself to a new camera. 

The only problem was that I didn't think to buy a new memory card and when we went to the fireworks display on Saturday (again in my wheelchair) we found that my old memory card holds exactly 8 pictures at the quality of the new camera.  Now I've bought myself a new memory card (which should hold about 500 pictures) so hopefully I'll have more pictures in the future to show you.

For now, here's  few fireworks shots we managed to get before we ran out of space (I didn't take these as there were quite a few heads in front of me, so thank you to John who took them on my behalf).

I think the last one is my favourite and totally sums up fireworks.  What did you do this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Ah, such lovely pictures! Fireworks are one of my favorite things in the world so these pictures are so great to see. Thank you for posting them!

    Last weekend, I stood up for myself in a medical situation (something that is very difficult to do for myself- for my family, I have no trouble with doing it) and am far better off for it. A small victory, for those of us who are living a medically complicated life.

    Good for you, getting out of the house! I pretty much haven't been anywhere non-medical since August and I'm saving my strength up for a Celtic Thunder concert in a few weeks, I'll go if they have to carry me in!!!