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Empty Dreams, Displayed: Unmotivated, Motivated

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Unmotivated, Motivated

This week I've been here there and everywhere.  I started the week feeling down and not particularly inspired to do anything, so unfortunately my uni work took a back burner for a few days.  But then I managed to do a little shopping on Monday which greatly cheered me up - even if my brain still wouldn't engage - and I sort of started my Christmas shopping. 

It wasn't intentional, I still haven't even written out the list of who I need to buy for etc, so it's very unusual for me to start without prepping.  But I saw something I knew someone would like and that started it.

Yesterday was a long day, involving shopping, coffee, uni, pub, more shopping, the family planning clinic, dinner (which Chris made and was yummy) and going out in my wheelchair to the new student union.  I have to say that despite not knowing anyone and feeling a little subconscious and my camera deciding to stop working, I had a good time. It was nice to leave the house for something other than classes and at least gave me the illusion that I have some sort of social life.

And today I'm feeling quite positive and motivated - though I'm finding trying to work on assignments quite taxing.  So I just hope I don't burn out too soon.

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